Fall Migration and How You Can Help Migrating Birds

Posted by Jeff Tekavcic on 2017 Oct 5th

For ardent birders, migration season is eagerly anticipated as an opportunity to view a large number of birds in a short period of time. It is also a special time at your backyard feeder, where you ca … read more

Spring and Summer Bird Feeding

Posted by Jeff Tekavcic on 2016 Apr 8th

One question we receive from birders a lot this time of year is whether they should still be putting out food for birds now that winter is almost over. This article will set out why our backyard … read more

​Hummingbird Season Is Coming!

Posted by Jeff Tekavcic on 2016 Mar 31st

Mid to late April is when most Ruby-Throated Hummingbirdmake their way to Ontario from their winter homes. Start preparing now!The Right FeederHummingbird feeders should be bright and easy to clean wi … read more

Hummingbirds and Orioles are Back!

Posted by Jane Paradis on 2015 May 5th

They're back! It's always amazing to witness the arrival of the orioles and hummingbirds. I had my first sighting of an oriole on Monday and now have three males battling over the Ultimate Orio … read more

New Zeiss Optics are available!

Posted by Jeff Tekavcic on 2015 May 2nd

As we continue to expand our selection of high quality binoculars and scopes, we are pleased to announce the availability of Zeiss brand optics. ZEISS has spent over a century developing leading-edge … read more