Time to put up your bird houses!

Posted by Jane Paradis on 2015 Mar 18th

It's almost spring and our migrating birds are beginning to appear. Courtship is in the air and our birds are looking for nesting spots.

Now is the time to put up your bird house!  Place your house in a quiet part of your yard or garden, at least 50 feet away from any feeding stations. Face the opening of the bird house to the north or east to avoid the heat of the afternoon sun. Using a metal pole is the best way to mount a house.

Given that most birds are territorial, one bird house per yard would work best. If you have a large property, and can place the houses 1/4 acre apart, you could offer more nesting options. It's a good idea to put a baffle on the pole to keep predators such as squirrels, raccoons and snakes out. It's also wise to place a brass portal protector around the opening.

When purchasing a bird house you will want to consider what kind of birds you want to attract. Chickadees, nuthatches and wrens, for example, only require an opening of 1 1/8 inch. This would keep out the larger birds.

You can also use a nesting shelf to attract Robins and Pheobes as they prefer an open nest over an enclosed house. These can be attached under the eaves or under a second story deck. It's also a good idea to offer some nesting material such as our Cottontail Nest Builder.

If you're considering a bird house, please be a good landlord and clean them out once a year checking for any damage such as splintering.

Any of our staff would be happy to assist you in choosing the right house for you!