Bresser Bird Feeder Camera

Item #BRE-40-40001 .
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Product Description

The Bresser Bird Feeder Camera captures feeding and flight action in intense detail, this unique combination camera and bird feeder gives nature enthusiasts an up-close look into the world of birds.

The water resistant Bird Feeder houses a removable 1.5 MP camera module. When the device’s sensor detects a visitor, the integrated digital camera will begin quietly taking photos at a trigger speed of 1 second without disturbing the subject.

Images are viewed and shared by downloading the images to a computer from a *Micro- SD Card. The internal lithium rechargeable battery can last up to 30 days on a charge (depending on weather).

The Bresser Bird Feeder mounts with an eyelet at the top or can be screwed to a wall or hang like a picture frame from it's built in hook on the back of the Bird Feeder.

Dimensions = 17cm W x 19cm H

Weight = 0.36 Kg (without birdseed)

*Micro-SD Card not included

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