Lavender Bud Sachet

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Product Description

A natural moth deterrent, place these sachets in your dresser drawers and closets. Can also be tucked into a pillowcase to provide a light lavender aroma.

Many of our customers tell us these sachets are relaxing and help them fall asleep.  Helpful hint:  when the aroma begins to fade, just give the buds a firm squeeze — this will release more essential oil from inside the buds. FAQ: “How long will the aroma last?”  The answer depends on where you store the sachet and how much sunlight and air movement there is.  In an automobile, for example, the aroma will only last a few days or weeks.  But in a drawer, closet, or pillowcase, the aroma should last a year or more. Each sachet contains approximately 10 grams of buds.

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