Critter Ridder, 1KG Granular

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Product Description

Critter Ridder animal repellent uses a powerful combination of 3 different types of pepper: oil of black pepper, piperine and capsaicin. But it is more effective than any old pepper repellent; this patented and proven formula works by immediately irritating nuisance animals after they smell, taste or touch areas treated with Critter Ridder animal repellent. Animals experience a burning sensation that is much like biting into a red-hot jalapeno pepper. However, Critter Ridder does not leave a scent that is offensive to humans. This unpleasant experience drives the animal away unharmed, and unwilling to return to the treated area. 

Critter Ridder Granules: Best used for perimeter protection. Sprinkle granules in and around gardens, flower beds, pathways and other areas you want to protect. This can create an effective perimeter to deter pests from entering these areas.

Covers up to 80sq.ft.

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    Didn't work . Raccoon defecated

    Posted by Mandy D. on 2017 Aug 11th

    Didn't work . Raccoon defecated on the product. And the other lights/sounds product doesn't work properly

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    Critter Ritter

    Posted by Margaret C. on 2017 Aug 7th

    I found it works if it is sunny, cloudy but it has to be dry. I found I have to completely cover the entire perimeter. If I miss one spot - those raccoons are there. They still did there business in the backyard on the grass. At least they are leaving me parcels on my garage roof, shed roof and deck. Because I have a family of 4-5 raccoons, I don't know if this product is enough. I prefer the granulated Coyote Urine, I ordered from you. With all this rain this summer, I don't know if it is not working or just not working after it rains. The container said it lasts 30 days? I think using both the Critter Ritter and granulated Coyote Urine, I am keeping them at bay. I should have started earlier in the Spring- around the perimeter and fence. I have to keep up spreading the both granules, especially with this wet Southern Ontario 2017 summer.

  • 5
    Keeping the raccoons at bay

    Posted by Jennifer T. on 2015 Jul 29th

    Second application but has kept the raccoons and their babies from under my deck.

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