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Granularized Coyote Urine Pet Training Aid, 20oz.

Item #SHAKE-800352 .

Product Description

  • Easy To Use - Just sprinkle on ground and watch it work
  • Safe -Completely organic, safe around kids & pets
  • Goes to work immediately, last for weeks
  • Uses Animals' Strongest Repellent - FEAR!
  • It WORKS

Shake-Away repellent granules have an odor that signals danger to all pest critters and are less messy than liquid. Patented formula won't burn plants, bushes or trees. Heavy granules won't wash away in rain - and they're naturally moist for better "cling." Granules last longer, smell stronger, and won't evaporate or freeze like liquid. Shake-Away uses the strongest force in nature to get rid of your problem animal... instinctive fear. Shake-Away contains the scent of your animals most feared predator. Easy to apply granules can be shaken right from the container to the ground. Makes no mess. 100% Organic and safe. Does not harm the animal you are repelling. Guaranteed protection for small gardens, flower beds & yards. This formula is designed to repel the following animals: Deer, Raccoons, and Armadillos. The 20oz container will put down a line of protection up to 600 feet long. Applying as instructed, this container will protect an area up to 20 by 30 feet for a month.

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