Winter Backyard Birdscape Contest

How to enter:

(1) Please read the Contest Rules and Terms of Use (below). By entering, you
acknowledge that you agree to the Terms of Use.

(2) You must submit a photo of your backyard at by March 14, 2022 and provide a brief written text of what changes you have made describing the functionality of your backyard during the winter season.

(3) The winners will be announced on Friday, March 25, 2022.

Official rules for winter backyard birdscape contest

Eligible entrants:

There is no fee required to enter the contest.

By entering a photo of your backyard and brief text in this contest, the entrant
acknowledges that they agree to the Terms of Use (see below).


Read this Urban Nature Store article for a chance to win the contest!

Minimum criteria for your backyard:
Heated birdbath
Roosting Pocket or House
Suet Feeder

Eligible backyard photos:
Each participant can submit as many photos as they like, but will receive a single entry in the prize draw.

The backyard photo(s) must have been taken by the entrant, and may not infringe the rights of any other individual. The backyard photo(s) must not depict or result from actions that could be considered harmful to birds. (exception: birds coming freely to bird feeders). Along with written text upto 250 words explaining what changes were made to the backyard before upgrading it.

Photo composition:
MUST also provide a digital copy to resolution Size: 100 - 300 dpi, Image minimum size: 1000 x 1400 pixels

A written text (up to 250 words)

Selecting winners: (3 winners will be selected)
The winners will be judged through a minimum criteria based on functionality - heated bird bath, suet feeder, roosting pockets, etc.. Each person who submits one or more backyard photos and written text up to 250 words to the contest will receive one entry in the draw, regardless of how many backyard photos and written texts they have submitted.

Collection of Information:
Urban Nature Store will use an email address to contact the prize winners. Neither email addresses nor mailing addresses will be used by Urban Nature Store for any purposes other than those required to administer this contest, as described above.

Heated BirdBath
Brome Suet Feeder
Winter Roost

Promotion of the Contest:
Urban Nature Store is promoting this contest using Facebook and Instagram, the contest is not sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook or Instagram.

Terms of Use
By submitting a backyard photo (or photos) to the contest, the entrant acknowledges they agree to the Terms of Use below.

The entrant grants Urban Nature Store the right to edit the photo(s) and use the written text for future marketing purposes.

Any use of the backyard photo will include the entrant’s name and acknowledge the entrant as the creator of the photo.

By submitting photos, the entrant acknowledges that Urban Nature Store bears no responsibility whatsoever for protecting the photo(s) from third party infringement of copyright interest or other intellectual property rights, and that Urban Nature Store shall not be responsible for any losses suffered as a result of such infringement.

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