Perky-Pet Mesh Gnome Feeder

Item #NONO-GMR001 .

Product Description

Product Features:

  • Friendly garden gnome design
  • Twist gnome's hat to open and fill with birdseed
  • Mesh design allows more bireds to feed at once
  • Holds up to 2 lb of sunflower seeds
  • Durable all-metal bird feeder with built-in hanging loop

What's in the Box:

  • 1 Perky-Pet® Mesh Gnome Bird Feeder


  • 2 lb seed capacity

With the Perky-Pet Mesh Gnome Feeder, you get an unbeatable combination of whimsical design and practical function in one great feeder. This unforgettable feeder features a unique gnome design, complete with a hat-shaped lid, which is sure to delight your guests! Best of all, this little gnome dispenses seed from the entire surface area through diamond-mesh holes. Clinging birds can rest anywhere on the feeder and pull seed through the holes, allowing more birds to feed at once.

WHIMSICAL GNOME DESIGN: Who says a bird feeder can’t both be fun and functional? The Perky-Pet® Mesh Gnome Bird Feeder is designed to look like a charming little lawn gnome, complete with a hat-shaped lid and funny mustache. This adorable mesh bird feeder is sure to catch the eye of all your guests – friends and birds alike!

ALL-METAL CONSTRUCTION: The Perky-Pet® Mesh Gnome Bird Feeder stands for durability. It has no wood and no plastic – it’s all metal. The wire mesh design features a powder coating to resist rust, while the sturdy metal construction will help thwart squirrel damage. You can be sure this feeder will be a focal point in your backyard for many years to come!

TWIST-OFF LID FOR EASY FILLING: With its new and improved lid design, the Perky-Pet® Mesh Gnome Bird Feeder is incredibly easy to fill and clean. To remove the lid, simply twist the gnome’s hat! After filling with 2 lb of seed, the secure-lock bar on the hat fits in place atop the feeder to ensure a tight seal.

MESH SURFACE ACCOMMODATES MULTIPLE BIRDS: Birds won’t be able to get enough of the Perky-Pet® Gnome Bird Feeder and its irresistible mesh surface. Your feathered friends can easily cling anywhere along the feeder’s surface and pull seed through the holes. It’s like having a perch on every inch! This means more birds can dine at once, making it a great bird-watching experience for you.

BUILT-IN DRAINAGE HOLES: Birds prefer seed that is fresh and dry. Thanks to this feeder’s mesh design and built-in drainage holes at the base, water is unable to pool in the reservoir. Instead, water can flow freely out of the feeder so seed airs out more quickly, ensuring it stays fresh for longer. Not only will the birds love it, but it also means less seed waste for you!

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