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100 Backyard Activities That Are the Dirtiest, Coolest, Creepy-Crawliest Ever! is going to be every nature-loving kid's new favorite book to take out into the wild where you live. No more big-city museums or boring encyclopedias-with this book your backyard is your new museum, and parents are only your assistants! The super awesome activities teach you about the plants and animals all around you in the ground, trees and sky. You'll get dirty, touch slimy things that make your parents squirm and become an expert on science!

You'll get to do experiments to find out if earthworms can smell or see colors, if a roly poly is smart enough to complete a maze and which flavors ants prefer to eat. Learn everything there is to know about birds and how to invite them into your yard with your own handmade feeders, bird baths and bird houses. Become a botanist and even grow your own vegetables all by yourself! Take it to the next level and learn the importance of caring for nature in ways that keep the animals and earth safe. With this book, your parents will love that you're learning, and you'll love exploring outside, having adventures and getting up close and personal with the coolest bugs, animals and plants out there!


"After reading this book, your kids will NEVER want to come inside ever again. Not only does Colleen Kessler capture the heart of your children with her child-centered language, she will also encourage them to think outside the box, stretch their thinking and dig into their inner curiosities through her captivating science-based activities."
--Dayna Abraham, author of The Superkids Activity Guide to Conquering Every Day and Sensory Processing 101, founder of Lemon Lime Adventures

"This is such an engaging book. Full of interesting experiments and projects, it takes your child's natural curiosity for the bugs in their backyard and inspires them to wonder, explore and discover so much about the world."
--Cathy James, author of The Garden Classroom, founder of NurtureStore

"Telling your kids to go outside and play just got a heck of a lot more educational. Colleen Kessler is an expert educator who understands how to make outside activities spark interest in science without stripping away the fun."
--Allison McDonald, B.Ed, author of Raising A Rock-Star Reader, founder of No Time for Flashcards

"Nature is the world's greatest classroom, and this book makes it easy to explore and totally fun. Perfect for parents and teachers alike!"
--Anne Carey, author and founding engineer of Left Brain Craft Brain


About the Author

Colleen Kessler is a mom, teacher, author, speaker and founder of the website Raising Lifelong Learners. Her site has 10k likes on Facebook. Colleen taught gifted elementary kids for more than a decade, and has homeschooled her own gifted children. She's self published several e-books for parents, teachers and children, including Raising Creative Kids and Hands-On Ecology . She's been a featured speaker at homeschooling conventions, events and podcasts. She lives with her family in Ohio.

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