BioCare First Response Bed Bug Trap

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Product Description

Bed bugs are night-biting insects, so you may not see them during a day-time inspection. They are flat and like to hide in small cracks and crevices, out of the light. During your inspection, look for live bed bugs, as well as their cast skins, eggs and fecal spots. In early infestations, you will probably spot their signs before the actual bugs. A bright light and/or a magnifying glass may help you search. Detecting a small bed bug population is incredibly difficult.

Using the First Response Bed Bug Trap, you can catch those first signs of an infestation and allow you to treat it quickly, before it becomes a problem. It is also helpful to confirm that a treatment has successfully removed a bed bug infestation.

The bed bugs are attracted by the lure, heat and carbon dioxide emitted by the trap. The sticky pad is there to catch them when they fall, keeping them caught for your observation. Refill kits available.

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