Droll Yankees Yankee Flipper Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

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Product Description

The Droll Yankees Flipper bird feeder is a unique and innovative bird feeder designed to deter squirrels while providing an enjoyable bird-watching experience for humans.

Here are the benefits of using the Droll Yankees Flipper bird feeder:

Squirrel-Proof Design:  The Flipper bird feeder is designed with a motorized perch ring that spins when triggered by the weight of a squirrel or larger bird. This motion effectively flings the intruding animal off the feeder, preventing them from accessing the birdseed. This feature helps protect the birdseed from squirrels, which are known for raiding and damaging traditional bird feeders.

Feeding Birds Only: The spinning perch ring ensures that only smaller, lighter birds can feed peacefully from the bird feeder. When birds land on the perch, their weight is insufficient to trigger the spinning motion, allowing them to access the seed. This selective feeding mechanism helps create a more enjoyable bird- watching experience for bird enthusiasts.

Durable Construction: Droll Yankees is known for its high-quality and durable bird feeders. The Flipper bird feeder is typically constructed from robust materials, such as metal or sturdy plastic, which can withstand outdoor weather conditions and resist squirrel attempts to damage the feeder.

Entertaining Bird-Watching Experience: Watching squirrels trying to outsmart the spinning mechanism can be highly entertaining for humans. The Flipper feeder adds an element of amusement and joy to bird-watching, making it a popular choice for people who enjoy observing wildlife.

Variety of Seed Types: The Flipper bird feeder is compatible with various seed types, including sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts (No Mess, No Waste), mixed seeds, and safflower seeds. This versatility allows you to attract a wide range of bird species to your feeder.

Easy to Clean and Fill: The design of the Flipper bird feeder often includes easy-to-remove parts, making it simple to clean and refill the feeder regularly. Regular cleaning is essential to maintain the health of the feeding birds and prevent the spread of diseases.

Long-lasting Investment: Due to its durable construction and effective squirrel- proof design, the Droll Yankees Flipper bird feeder is a long-lasting investment. It can withstand continuous outdoor use and provide enjoyment for many bird- watching seasons.

The Yankee Flipper uses a rechargeable motorized mechanism to 'flip' squirrels off the feeder to allow song birds, including cardinals, to eat in peace. Beautifully designed - birds love to eat from it. It looks great in every backyard. Place it anywhere, even in front of a window, and squirrels still can't feed from the feeder.

  • Sturdy stainless steel wire - will not rust
  • Metal powder coated cap fits snugly on tube - squirrels cannot pry off
  • 4¾" UV stabilized polycarbonate tube - won't yellow with age, dependably durable
  • 21" long tube - squirrels can't reach seed from the top of feeder
  • Interior baffle design - seed flows freely to seed ports
  • 4 seed port - provide optimum feeding positioning
  • Large capacity - holds 5 lbs. of seed
  • Motor driven, battery powered, weight activated perch ring
  • Weight calibrated to allow birds to eat, flips squirrels off
  • Powder coated in forest green
  • Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty

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