Four Cake Suet Buffet Bird Feeder with Metal Roof

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Sku: STK-38129
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Vendor: Stokes
Product Description
  • Attracts clinging birds - woodpeckers, nuthatches and more.
  • Allows several birds to feed at once.
  • Holds four suet cakes.
  • Easy fill holders.

Give your birds a special treat with the Four Cake Suet Buffet. This quality feeder holds 4 suet cakes and has ample space for multiple clinging birds to feed at once.


The Stokes Select Four Cake Suet Buffet holds up to four suet cakes offering a variety of feeding options to birds. The four cake design provides propping space for Woodpeckers to feed naturally. The innovative grid design allows Woodpeckers, Nuthatches, Chickadees and more to cling.

The double locking closure system keeps suet secure in the feeder. Use with either suet cakes or small seed cakes. In early spring fill with pet fur or yarn for nesting materials for birds. In the summer months fill with orange halves. Durable, tight-fitting powder-coated top and bottom withstand the elements and blend well with any backyard décor.

What is suet cake?

Bird suet is comprised of fat, nuts, seed and other ingredients and formed into solid cakes of bird food which are used in suet bird feeders. Suet provides a high-energy, high calorie food source for wild birds during the cold fall and winter months when seeds and insects are scarce, as well as the nesting seasons of spring and summer. Suet is especially enjoyed by woodpeckers, cardinals, wrens and bluebirds.

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