Spongy (Gypsy) Moth Trap, Reusable

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One Spongy (Gypsy) Moth Trap
One Spongy (Gypsy) Moth Lure (Refrigerate Until Use)

The Spongy (Gypsy) Moth Trap is an effective weapon against the adult Spongy (Gypsy) moth during the summer mating season. When used over several seasons, the trap is an effective tool for reducing the overall moth and caterpillar populations.

Spongy(Gypsy) Moths are one of the most destructive pests of our urban forests, stripping trees such as oak, crab apple, poplars and hundreds of other trees and shrubs. The Spongy (Gypsy) Moth Trap is designed to help the public avoid applying pesticides indiscriminately to control Spongy (Gypsy)Moths. It is simple, easy to use and utilizes powerful pheromone lures to attract Spongy (Gypsy) Moths and detect outbreaks, so you can use less pesticides. The Trap includes one Spongy (Gypsy) Moth Lure.

The trap works by disrupting the gypsy moth's reproductive cycle by attracting and trapping the adult moth before mating can occur. Each mated female can produce as many as 1,000 caterpillars the following spring - caterpillars that can strip your shade trees and ornamentals bare making them more vulnerable to secondary assault by other insects and diseases which can kill them.

How the Trap Works:

The Spongy (Gypsy) Moth Trap contains a special attractant which releases a highly purified form of the adult gypsy moth sex lure. Since the female gypsy moth does not fly, she instead releases minute amounts of the sex lure (pheromone) to attract the flying male moth for the purpose of mating. The Spongy (Gypsy) Moth Trap pulls male gypsy moths in from a ¼-acre area to the trap which traps the male moths before they reach the waiting female.

Spongy (Gypsy) Moth Traps should be first hung in early spring. The trap is effective as long as the moths are active and from late April through to late September.

When placing the trap, choose a tree and a location on the tree where air currents can circulate the smell of the attractant freely. The Spongy (Gypsy) Moth Trap should be hung from a tree or placed on a stand approximately 4 to 5 feet from the ground. The south side of the tree is the best location.

For best results, the Spongy (Gypsy) Moth Trap should be used as part of an Integrated Pest Management program which also includes biological control treatments and traps (bug bands) against caterpillars.

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