Jeffersonian Rain Gauge, Living Finish Brass

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UPC: 721002910196
Vendor: Conant
Product Description

Inspired by Thomas Jefferson’s innovative mechanical inventions, this unique and creative rain gauge marries form with function, resulting in a timeless art-piece that adds sophistication and purpose to outdoor spaces.  The Jeffersonian Rain Gauge uses a float and lever design to measure rainfall. As water fills the glass vial, the red float rises causing the stainless steel arm pointer to climb the 5” scale.

Product Highlights

  • Unique float and lever rain gauge
  • Timeless art-piece adds sophistication and purpose to outdoor spaces
  • Solid brass, stainless, glass and wood construction
  • Large easy-to-read numbers – visible from a distance
  • Arm can be calibrated for maximum precision
  • Living finish brass allows product to age with beauty
  • Lifetime Warranty

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