Quick Clean Nyjer Mesh Medium Feeder (Berry Color)

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Sku: ASP-431
UPC: 026451124317
Vendor: Aspects
Product Description

This nyjer bird feeder from Aspects features stainless steel wire mesh and provides plenty of clinging area for birds like goldfinches, siskins, purple finches, and house finches. Lack of perches helps to eliminate nuisance birds such as sparrows and starlings. A protective polycarbonate collar keeps the wire mesh true to form. The stainless steel mesh allows air to circulate to help keep seed from clumping or soiling. Inside, a triangular seed director at the base of the tube diverts all seed to make seed easily accessible to the birds. Features a revolutionary removable base for quick and easy cleaning. To remove the base all you need to do is push the buttons and the base easily slides out. Color: Berry (Dark Red)Lifetime Manufacturer's Guarantee.Seed Type: Nyjer Height: 13", 17-3/4" including hanger. Diameter: 3-1/4" Capacity: 1 1/4 quart.



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