Roamwild PestOff Peanut/ Suet Pellet/Nugget Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

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Sku: RW-PN002
UPC: 5060202901777
Vendor: Roamwild
Product Description
  • 2 x Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Nugget feeders - Not just 100% squirrel proof, also pest proof. Large birds & pests cannot feeder either so it SAVES you money!
  • The PestOff has INDIVIDUALLY spring loaded perches that never need calibrating and only let songbirds feed not pests, unlike other spring loaded feeder designs that need constant re-calibration to work effectively.
  • Cardinal & Woodpecker friendly. Large capacity of 1.05 Quarts so no need for constant refilling. NO more seed clogging, the built in rain guard above the seed ports keeps the seed dry to prevent clogging.
  • Great for feeding Peanuts / Wild Bird Nuggets / Suet Pellets - Wood Pecker Friendly. NO calibration required, pest proof straight out of the box. It has been tested & it Works! Hassle Free Warranty.
  • Very easy to fill, simply open the lid, no need to take the whole feeder apart to fill. The PestOff simply 'clicks' apart for easy cleaning, no nuts and bolts to remove and replace.

2 x Roamwild squirrel proof bird feeders are automatically squirrel proof feeder, there are no settings to adjust. This weight activated squirrel proof bird feeder means no squirrels, large birds & rats can steal your precious peanuts or suet pellets or wild bird nuggets. Watch demo video at Home2yard. etc... This squirrel resistant bird feeder is both safe and humane. . Unlike other squirrel proof bird feeders, the clever design of the Roamwild Pest-Off Bird feeder actually denies squirrels, large birds & rats easy access onto the feeder. When a large bird, squirrel or rat lands on the perch, the perch hatch moves downwards blocking off access to the food. Once the large pest has alighted from the perch, the perch hatch automatically returns to its open position awaiting for the next songbird to feed, or to stop the next pest! Each of the 2 feeding ports are individually spring loaded and shut out larger birds like pigeons, grackles and other blackbirds, rats and squirrels. It has been designed by an ex-dyson designer, so has been tested thoroughly so it works! The design is easy to fill and comes apart quickly to allow easy and regular cleaning. Unlike most bird feeders, above each seed port is a weather protection guard feature that prevents rain entering the seed ports. This keeps the seed dry preventing any seed clogging, a common problem in most feeders. With a large 1.05 Quarts capacity this feeder is maintenance friendly and will not need topping up every day. The Roamwild Pest-Off feeder is popular with a wide range of different garden bird species. It has a non-spill lip feature to prevent seed easily falling out if bashed by large birds or squirrels. Tough chew-proof 304 grade stainless steel seed port protection plates prevent any chewing and pecking damage, and with the UV stabilized plastic, both materials shrug off ALL weather. For extra peace of mind the feeder is backed by a Hassel Free guarantee.

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