Solitary Pollen Bee Nest

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Product Description

Solitary Pollen Bee Nest – AMAZINGLY DIFFERENT!!


• Attracts gentle native bees
• Styrene weatherproof body keeps all the inner components dry and secure
• Crushed volcanic rock filler to protect against moisture - also an excellent insulator
• Vented filler plug aerates the nest
• Purple coloured cover attracts the bees
• Styrene body guards against predatory mites and beetles
• Moulded front protects the tubes from attack by birds and rodents
• Nesting tubes held securely in place by front and back covers
• 20 nest tubes are of specific diameters & length for a variety of bees to use the nest
• Can be left in the garden all year to mimic the natural process
• Patented US #8,517,193B2 – Canada #2777 954
• Made in Canada.
• Practical not decorative!


Native solitary bees do not produce honey, they do not have a queen, nor do they live in a
hive. This means they do not have anything to protect, and they will retreat rather than
attack. Solitary bees are also vastly better pollinators than the non-native honey bees;
however they too are experiencing declining numbers. Installing a solitary pollen bee nest
is an easy way to do your part; it will provide native cavity nesting bees with a safe
environment in which to lay their eggs. The bees that lay their eggs in the nest only live for
6 weeks, and the new generation will emerge after 12 months. One nest has the potential to
yield 100 new bees!
An easy and safe way to help native bees.


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