Suncalc Sunlight Calculator

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Sku: LL-1875
UPC: 035307018755
Vendor: Luster Leaf
Product Description
  • Measures the amount of accumulated sunlight in a specific garden location
  • Gardeners can accurately and easily measure the amount of sunlight in a specific growing location
  • Makes it easy to put your plants where they want to be
  • Designed to measure the amount of solar energy available during the growing season

SunCalc The Sunlight Calculator Provide the accurate and optimum light condition for your plants with the help of the SunCalc - The Sunlight Calculator. This collection provides you with everything you need to make your job around the yard or garden absolutely easy. Each and every tool in this range, such as spades, shears, loppers, compost thermometer, moisture meter, etc are crafted to offer high functionality and durability. Browse through this collection and you're sure to find everything you need to nurture and adorn your yard or garden. Product Features: Places plants in optimum light conditions. It is very simple to operate.



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