What's On My Farm?

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A toddler's exploration of the farm and all the fun things that can be found there.

This lovely padded book gives a guided tour of all the things you would find on a farm from the perspective of a child. It's full of colorful photos, and one- to three-word captions in large type describe the images and provide children with the opportunity to learn new words. Some things will be instantly recognizable, like cows and barns, but others could be new discoveries, such as a horseshoe, a windmill or a sheaf of wheat. Items are shown singly or in multiples, which also gives children a head start on learning to count. Many of the photographs show children holding or interacting with the item.

What's on My Farm? gives children the chance to explore the world during quiet times, in the car or with an older sibling or adult. It rewards curiosity, reveals the wonder of books and is a perfect story time choice.


This very small, soft padded covered book has 160 pages depicting the structures and creatures found on a farm. The bright, colorful photos are crisp against a white background and all items have labels. So from windmills to hay, and apples to chickens, a toddler or preschooler can have fun pointing out these objects, plants and animals that make up a farm. (Sharon Turpin Puget Sound Council for the Review of Children's a 2014-08-10)

About the Author

Michael Worek is an editor and publisher.




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