Wild Bills 8-Port Electronic Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Item #WBILL-WB-8 .

Product Description

With its unique Squirrel Stinger, Wild Bills Anti Squirrel Bird Feeders train thieving squirrels (and raccoons) to eat elsewhere. Plus, this design keeps seed fresh and dry, so you can fill the feeder less often. And, the best part is the Squirrel Stinger is gentle on squirrels and won’t harm birds.

  • Large seed hopper
  • 14 lb. Capacity
  • 18" High x 15" Diameter
  • 8 bird-friendly feeding stations
  • Top and Bottom Squirrel-Stinger
  • Hang or pole mount
  • (pole mount not included)
  • Requires a 9v battery (not included)

Frequently Asked Questions & Operating Tips

Do the birds feeding receive a shock?
The WildBills™ Squirrel-free Bird Feeder is incapable of adversely affecting a bird because of a bird's physiological characteristics. Bird's bills, feathers, and scale-covered feet insulate their bodies. Even under extreme wet conditions, the oil on a bird's feathers, combined with other physical characteristics and the air trapped by their feathers, prevents any electricity from reaching their body.

How long will the battery last?
A typical 9-volt alkaline battery lasts for about 3 months. This will depend on the number of Static corrections delivered. If there is an unusually high squirrel population, battery life will decrease.

How does my WildBills Squirrel·free Bird Feeder work?
By completing an electric circuit, a squirrel receives a static correction. This happens when TWO metal contact points are touched at the same time. When the squirrel touches the hanging rod or threaded pole mount adapter hook and the metal ring on the baffle the squirrel will receive a static correction. If the squirrel is on the seed tray and touches a metal perch the squirrel will get a static correction. Remember the squirrel must be touching two metal contact points at the same time to receive a static correction. By touching only the seed tray, the squirrel is not completing a circuit.

I just filled my feeder and now it doesn't work, why?
Be certain the wire has been reattached securely to the top, and that there is a good connection.

My feeder has a film on the seed tray and other metal parts, what should I do?
With normal use, the metal contact points on the feeder can become so dirty that squirrels will not make contact. If this occurs, turn off the feeder and clean your feeder with hot soapy water and use a scotch bright pad to clean away oily build-up on all the metal parts. All metal parts must be kept bright & shiny – like new – for feeder to operate efficiently.


Do not hang the Wild Bills Electronic birdfeeder on a metal Shepherds hook unless you insulate the shepherds hook. If you don’t insulate the shepherds hook the squirrel is able to get on the feeder bypassing the electronics and it also causes short battery life.

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