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Keep the overview. The 8x magnification in combination with the enormous field of view lets you completely immerse yourself in nature - even during the late hours of the night.


The magnification specifies the factor by which an object appears to be closer in comparison with the actual distance. The higher the magnification, the closer the object seems to be. However, a higher magnification also means a smaller field of view. 


The field of view describes the size of the image section that can be seen through the optics. This is specified either in meters (width) at a distance of 1000 meters (m/1000m), or feet (width) at a distance of 1000 yards (ft/1000 yds), or as an angle (degrees). The higher the magnification, the smaller the field of view.
Binoculars have a large field of view, which means you can see a wide area. Spotting scopes have a higher magnification, which makes the field of view much smaller, but you can see more detail.


The objective lens diameter specifies how much light can enter the optics. This makes it a key factor in an instrument’s performance, for example, in twilight. The bigger the objective lens diameter, the more light the objective lens can capture. The darker the surroundings, the larger the objective lens diameter needs to be. 


The shortest focusing distance specifies how close an object needs to be to see it clearly with the optics. Between this value and infinity, it is possible to focus the image.

Colour: Green


8x Magnification
42 mm Effective objective lens diameter
5.3 mm Exit pupil diameter
18 mm exit-pupil-distance-eye-relief-mm
477 ft/1000 yds Field of view at m/1,000 m / ft/1,000 yds
9.1 °Field of view degrees
9.1 °Field of view with eye glasses (%)
69 °Field of view apparent
6.6 ft Shortest focusing distance
± 4 dpt Diopter adjustment
5 dpt Diopter correction at ∞
91 % Light transmission
2.2-2.9 in Pupil distance
18.3 Twilight factor acc. to ISO 14132-1

6.2 in Length in mm.
5.1 in Width in mm.
2.8 in Height in mm.
29.5 oz Weight

-13 to +131 °F Functional temperature
-22 to +158 °F Storage temperature
13 ft / 4 m water depth (inert gas filling) Submersion tightness

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