Bats and Bat Houses

Installing a bat house is one of the most effective and environmentally friendly ways to reduce the mosquito population near your home. The Urban Nature Store carries bat houses of many sizes - from those that shelter 10-20 bats, to others holding over 100. Most North American species of bats prefer to live in large groups, called colonies; so a mid-sized house (80-300 bats) is recommended for most situations. A bat house may be mounted on a tree, a pole without nearby obstructions, or a building. However, bat houses mounted on poles or buildings tend to have a slightly higher occupancy faster than those mounted on trees. For mounting on buildings, wood, stone or brick buildings are best; and your bat house should be mounted under the eaves with some sun exposure to protect it from rain while still allowing it to be heated by the sun. You should mount your bat house 15-20 feet above the ground where it will not be exposed to bright artificial lights - the higher the house the greater the chance of attracting bats.

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Victorian Bat House
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Vintage Antique Cypress Bat House

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