Aeroxon Commercial Fly Catcher, 6 Units

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Sku: ARKR-122-2
UPC: 055971001228
Vendor: Aeroxon
Product Description

6 fly catchers

Safe, non-toxic, odourless, hygienic, and easy to use.

Attracts and traps flying insects. For windows and other surfaces in restaurants, institutions, hospitals, farms, milk parlours, RV's, homes, etc. Flying insects are attracted to windows by sunlight and heat. They are soon caught on the Window Fly Catcher.

These Window Fly Catchers will lure and catch flies, gnats and many other flying pests. Ideal product for any room where you want to control flying insects without using an insecticide. Non-toxic, odorless, transparent (almost invisible), does not mark windows and is easy to use.

Remove the red protective strip from the back of the Window Fly Catcher. Press this adhesive line to the top or bottom of window pane. Press your thumb against the lower unglued edge of the catcher. Quickly, pull of the white cover sheet. For larger windows use more than one Window Fly Catcher. Catchers work best on windows exposed to the most sunshine. After use wrap in newspaper and discard in trash. Glue can be removed with vegetable oil. Before use store in a cool place. Important: Keep out of the reach of children and pets (the product is extremely sticky).

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