Aeroxon Tick Removal Card

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Product Description
  • For the simple and safe removal of ticks
  • In the shape and size of a credit card - always with you
  • Suitable for both humans and animals

The Aeroxon Tick Removal Card, with its integrated magnifying glass, is a simple and safe way of removing ticks from both humans and animals. It comes in the shape and size of a credit card – ideal for taking with you, either in your wallet, handbag or car. The design is patented.

Mode of action

With the special notch of the tick removal card ticks can be easily and safely removed from the skin with a sliding movement. The probability of transmission of pathogens when the tick is removed is thus significantly reduced. The small notch in the tick removal card can additionally be used to remove small ticks and stings of bees. Can be used all over the body.


Ticks like to lie waiting in high grass, in shrubs and in the undergrowth. After outdoor activities, it is recommended that you inspect your entire body for ticks (in particular the shoulders and armpits, the belly button, the groin and the hollows of the knees). The sooner a tick that has firmly attached itself to the body is removed, the more the risk of an infection is reduced.

Press the tick removal card flat against the skin and push the tip of its notch towards the tick.

Slowly push the notch of the card under the tick. Push further and raise the card slightly while doing so in order to pull the tick out.

Keep the tick in a safe place (in case an examination should be necessary at a later date), disinfect the point of penetration and keep an eye on it.

Should you notice any striking red patches around the point of penetration or suspect an infection may have taken place, please see a doctor.

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