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All birds have feathers, wings, two legs and they lay eggs:

• A pair of eagles builds a huge nest of sticks that they add to every year. They make the largest nest of any Canadian bird.
• An owl can’t move its eyes, so it has to turn its head. An owl can turn its head almost all the way around to the back.
• The ruby-throated hummingbird beats its wings 55 to 75 times per second. Its tiny heart beats up to 1200 times per minute.
• A blue jay’s feathers aren’t really blue. The feathers reflect light, making the bird look blue.

About the Author

Wendy Pirk is an animal lover who dreamed of being a veterinarian but decided instead to pursue a degree in Ecological Anthropology. She is a serious environmentalist and is a freelance writer with a focus on nature and the environment.

The Einstein Sisters love to explore the world of nature, science and the cultures and countries of the earth. We travel to remote adventures in rainforests, oceans, mountains, deserts and Arctic regions. We want share some of our favourite facts about the worlds we explore in a fun and colourful way. (2017-09-20)

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