Bobbex Deer Repellent Ready-to-Use, 0.9L

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Sku: BBX-CRTU095
UPC: 731340100036
Vendor: Bobbex
Product Description

Bobbex Deer Repellent is an original, unique spray made from all natural and recycled ingredients. It is applied directly on the surface of foliage to repel deer. Bobbex is environmentally compatible and harmless to all wildlife including humans, pets, birds and aquatic life.  This Ready-to-Use 0.95 liter formula comes in a handy trigger spray bottle. Just give the bottle a good shake to mix the ingredients and spray away! 

For Fall and Winter seasons, spray every 4 weeks or more frequently depending on severity of the problem. For rapid growing seasons, Spring and Summer, spray every 10 to 14 days,or more frequently depending on severity of the problem. Remember new growth is unprotected growth, so during this time you may be spraying more often.

  • Allow approximately 6 hours of drying time before rain or hosing.
  • Spray dry plant sufficiently only to coat surfaces both sides.
  • As with all of Bobbex products, do not apply on wet surfaces or snow.
  • Spray plants when temperature is between 2° and 30°C.

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