Canadian Trivia Game, Family Edition

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Product Description
  • From St. John's to Kitimat, from Niagara Falls to Baffin Island, this game covers it all Who knew learning about Canada could be so much fun
  • Double sided cards make the game fun for the whole family.
  • Great for ages 9 and up

Have you ever wondered why Toronto is nicknamed “Hogtown”? Can you name our first prime minister? Does the town of Jerry's Nose sound familiar? If so, this game is for you!!!


Get ready for a family fun night

Canadian Trivia Family Edition is a fun and informative way for families to test their knowledge of Canada. The question cards have two sides full of fun facts - one with easier questions and the other with more difficult questions - allowing families of all ages to play together. The game includes 1,440 expert level questions in four categories (geography, history, arts, general) and 1,080 junior level questions in three categories (geography, history, general). But, don't let the name fool you, it's not only for families. .. it's also a perfect game for your next game night gathering with friends. This bestselling board game is great for any occasion!


How to play

It's a race across the country - starting on the east coast and working your way across Canada to the west coast. Player 1 flicks the spinner to determine which question will be asked. The player to the left reads the question aloud for Player 1. If the question is answered correctly, the player moves forward one city on the game board. Play now moves clockwise around the table. It's that simple.


Level of difficulty

Before starting the game, each player (or team) must select their desired level of difficulty. Younger players should play the “Junior” level. They will be asked questions from the side of the card with three questions. Older players should play the “Expert” level. They will be asked questions from the side of the card with four questions. Trivia masters should play the “Genius” level. They will also be asked questions from the side of the card with four questions, but will need to answer two questions correctly to move forward on the game board.

Canadian Trivia: Family Trivia

  • Ages: 9+
  • 2 or more players
  • Two categories - Junior and Expert - allowing all ages to play!
  • Manufactured in North America

Sample Questions:

What did an icemaker from Edmonton secretly bury under the ice at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City? Canadian recording artist Drake played the role of Jimmy Brooks for eight seasons on what TV series? What is special about many of the black bears on British Columbia’s Princess Royal Island? What is a “ptarmigan”?

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