Caterpillars: Find - Identify - Raise Your Own

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An illustrated guide to holding, caring for and identifying caterpillars.

Creatures that can turn from a caterpillar into a butterfly or a moth fascinate everyone. But there are many other interesting things to observe in the world of the caterpillar before metamorphosis. As you watch, you'll see leaves disappear into their nearly invisible mouths. Notice the smooth motion of sets of prolegs that are one of the unique characteristics of caterpillars. With the help of this guide and its close-up photographs, readers will learn about the body parts of a caterpillar, their life cycles and how to help them by planting certain types of flowers that will attract the insects.

With helpful tips and tricks, this guide instructs the caterpillar hunter on how to find, identify, feed and care for these amazing insects. Ground rules for raising caterpillars are provided, as well as information about removing them from conservation areas. Identification information and photographs thoroughly describe the different kinds of caterpillars and warn the reader about the few dangerous caterpillars that should not be handled.


If this book was to be found on a restaurant's menu, it would be listed under the appetizer section. Brief, but quite tasty, it is guaranteed to whet youngsters' appetites and make them want to get to the main course: Actually finding caterpillars. (Dave Jenkinson Canadian Materials 2013-06-07)

Subtitled An illustrated guide to holding, caring for and identifying caterpillars, this is sure to satisfy a child's curiosity and fuel his or her appetite for exploration and discovery. It's caterpillar hunting season again and kids can find helpful tips and tricks for finding and observing the creatures. They can also learn how to raise and recognize various species. (City Parent 2013-05-31)

The perfect introduction to a wide variety of species. (Waterloo Region-Record 2013-12-06)

Not only is Caterpillars a beautiful field guide book to look at, with its stunning photography and appealing layout, its text is comprehensive and very accessible to a wide range of readers... For those curious children who come in from outside each spring with a caterpillar in their hands, this is a book for them... Highly recommended for the classroom and public and school libraries. (Louise Sidley Resource Links 2013-08-01)

The author provides a clearly detailed and photographed brief field guide to help readers find and observe the variety occurring in the natural world. (Sal's Fiction Addiction 2013-03-29)

With over three dozen descriptions and photographs of caterpillars and the moths or butterflies they become, Caterpillars: Find, Identify, Raise Your Own serves as a great introduction to the world of these variable insects. In 32 colorful pages, author Chris Earley describes the life cycle stages of a monarch butterfly and a polyphemous moth, how to safely collect and raise caterpillars, and how to know when to let them go. This cheerful book is a great guide for encouraging budding naturalists ages 8 and older. (Green Teacher 2014-01-01)

About the Author

Chris G. Earley is the interpretive biologist at the University of Guelph's Arboretum and author of Hawks and OwlsSparrows and Finches and Warblers, all specific to the Great Lakes and Eastern North America regions.

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