Critter Ridder, 940mL Ready-to-Use Spray

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Sku: WS-3145CAN
UPC: 024654638860
Vendor: Safer's
Product Description

Critter Ridder® animal repellent uses a powerful combination of 3 different types of pepper: oil of black pepper, piperine and capsaicin. But it is more effective than any old pepper repellent; this patented and proven formula works by immediately irritating nuisance animals after they smell, taste or touch areas treated with Critter Ridder® animal repellent. Animals experience a burning sensation that is much like biting into a red-hot jalapeno pepper. However, Critter Ridder® does not leave a scent that is offensive to humans. This unpleasant experience drives the animal away unharmed, and unwilling to return to the treated area. 

Critter Ridder® Ready-to-Use Liquid: Best used for surface protection. Spray liquid directly onto garbage cans, plants, flowers and other areas on your property where you see signs of animal activity. 

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