Cuddlekins Mini, Squirrel

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Sku: WR-16491
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Product Description
  • No adventure is too nutty for the Squirrel stuffed animal to take on with you by its side.
  • This marvelous plush toy is eight inches long from fluffy, distinct tail to its cute little face.
  • Watch smiles grow on the faces of those both young and old when you give the gift of this stuffed animal.
  • Collecting and burrowing food can get messy, but this plush toy can easily be cleaned because it’s surface washable.
  • Cuddlekin stuffed animal is made of the highest quality materials, making it stand out from the rest.

The Squirrel has numerous sides to its personality and can be a trickster, gardener, and even an acrobat. The forest is its playground and the fun begins from tree to tree. Known for searching and hiding their food, come winter a Squirrel can smell food in up to a foot of snow. Their front teeth never stop growing, so gnawing on hard nuts and snacks is essential to its health. They love to explore and be mischievous, so your adventures will never be dull. Birthday toys for kids or unique gifts for adults will now be memorable when you give the gift of this stuffed animal. They adapt extremely well to new environments and will happy to stick by your side. Wild Republic has been developing plush animals and educational toys for kids of all ages since 1979, with a specialization in realistic stuffed animals.

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