Dragonflies: Catching, Identifying, How and Where They Live

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An illustrated guide to observing, catching and releasing dragonflies.

Dragonflies are as fascinating as they are beautiful. In this book readers will learn how to observe them in the wild and have them hover as close as their nose! Dragonflies and their close relatives, damselflies, have been around longer than dinosaurs and can be found on all continents except Antarctica. One dragonfly species makes the longest migration of any insect in the world. Dragonflies can be found in wetlands, forests, fields and even backyards. This illustrated guide to dragonflies and damselflies is packed with all the facts about what they are, what they eat, and what eats them. Their life cycle is explored, beginning from eggs that hatch into wingless nymphs that live underwater and breathe through gills.

With the help of this detailed guide featuring close-up photographs, readers will learn tips and tricks for how to properly catch, hold and let a dragonfly go. An identification section allows the reader to quickly and easily identify the most popular species and illustrates how each is unique, from darners to clubtails, spiketails to cruisers, and emeralds to skimmers.


While it's promoted as a juvenile non-fiction book, this illustrated guide will appeal to the young and old who watch the mosquito-eaters fly around our shores. The book offers interesting facts about dragonflies and their close relatives, damselflies. (Deck, Patio and Outdoor Living 2013-06-01)

A very good book for young naturalists. (N. Glenn Perrett Lake Wahwashkesh Conservation Association)

Awesome photographs in the field guide and throughout the book will have you noticing and identifying these incredible insects wherever you go. (Simcoe County 2013-04-28)

Enter the enchanted world of dragonflies.... Chris Earley's 32-page book offers a fresh introduction to dragonflies with close-up photos of life-cycle stages and details for identification, what they eat, and who eats them. A mini field guide describes the basic families of dragonflies found in North America and offers additional resources for more information. This is a great book for explorers ages 8 and up. (Green Teacher)

Earley has presented another beautiful field guide type book with fabulous close-up photography, appealing lay-out, and reader-friendly text that is both comprehensive and very accessible to a wide range of readers... The text is easy to follow but does not skimp on interesting and valuable information. Identification of dragonflies and their family groupings forms a large portion of the book... Highly recommended. (Louise Sidley Resource Links 2013-08-01)

Dragonflies will get you hooked on these fascinating creatures... In this information-packed compact paperback book, you'll learn about the life cycle of the dragonfly...; what they eat...; how to catch them...; and how to hold them... You'll also discover many different kinds of dragonflies with descriptions and incredible photographs... (Good Reads with Ronna blog 2013-08-29)

A very good book for young naturalists.... a comprehensive look at these insects and how to identify them. (Elmira Independent 2013-12-12)

About the Author

Chris G. Earley is the interpretive biologist at the University of Guelph's Arboretum and author of Hawks and OwlsSparrows and Finches and Warblers, all specific to the Great Lakes and Eastern North America regions.

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