Encore Collection Garden Bells by Chimes

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Product Description
  • A unique garden sculpture with brass bells that resemble flowers growing from within a faux rock
  • 7 brass bells, faux stone base
  • Brass bells produce a very gentle sound when brushed with a hand or filled with rain water or place birdseed
  • Garden bells from woodstock chimes have a delicate sound that does not carry far from the source so it's perfect to create quiet spaces
  • Measures 20-Inch high and weighs 3.5-Pound

From the maker of woodstock chimes come the encore collection garden bells, inspired by ancient chinese bells. For thousands of years, bells have been used to accompany worship and dance, to warn of danger, and to bring good luck and prosperity to those nearby.this sculptural set of 7 brass bells can be placed in the garden as a focal point which will complement any architectural style or décor. The quiet and gentle tones of the encore garden bells will be heard only when nearby. More than 30 years ago, the first woodstock chime was created by founder and owner garry kvistad from an aluminum lawn chair he found in a landfill. As a professional musician and instrument designer, he was fascinated by the scales of olympos, a 7th century pentatonic scale that can't be played on a modern piano. Garry had the idea to cut and tune the lawn chair tubes to the exact frequency of the ancient scale. The resulting chimes of olympos was the first woodstock chime and is still one of our bestselling windchimes. Garry and his wife diane founded woodstock percussion, inc. In 1979 and it remains a family-owned business in new york's hudson valley.

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