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  • Frogs and toads are remarkable creatures. They are amphibians that live partly in water and partly on land, and they hoppity hop from lilypad to lilypad.
  • Frogs breathe with their lungs and through their skin, and have hearts with three chambers instead of four.
  • Frogs have sticky tongues that they use to catch and eat insects, spiders, and other small creatures.
  • Frogs have bulging eyes that can see all the way around.
  • Male frogs can sign to attract a mate and to mark their territory.
  • All toads are frogs, but not all frogs are toads.
  • Toads usually prefer terrestrial habitats and have warty skin.

About the Author

Tamara is a biologist who travels the world exploring everything from rainforests to high mountaintops and languages to cultures. She has written books on mammals, whales, dolphins, and the human friendship with animals.

The Einstein Sisters love to explore the world of nature, science and the cultures and countries of the earth.We travel to remote adventures in rainforests, oceans, mountains, deserts and Arctic regions. We want share some of our favourite facts about the worlds we explore in a fun and colourful way. (2018-11-29)






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