Mushrooms and Other Fungi of North America

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For amateur collectors or professional mycologists working in the field, this guidebook is quite simply the best North American mushroom reference ever published. Each of the 1,000 specimens is shown in full color on a neutral background to eliminate distractions, and specimens are arranged to show the cap, stem, gills, spines and a cross section, usually in various stages of growth.

Roger Phillips identifies all regional varieties of Basidiomycetes, which include chanterelles, puffballs and fungi, and Ascomycetes, which include morels and cup fungi. Detailed descriptive information on each mushroom variety includes:

  • Dimensions of cap, gills and stem
  • Color and texture of flesh
  • Odor and taste
  • Habitat and growing season
  • Distribution and appearance of spores
  • Edibility and poison warnings

There is also helpful advice on collecting specimens plus an illustrated beginner identification key and a generic key for the more advanced collector.

Mushrooms and Other Fungi of North America is at once the ideal introduction to mycology and an essential reference for the experienced collector -- the definitive book in its category.


Gills, central stem, spore color, tubes, and pores are characteristics that allow the amateur to make a respectable attempt at identifying mushrooms and other fungi. Yes, there are some delicious edible mushrooms, but no amateur should ever eat a mushroom on the basis of his own identification; an expert determination is the only path to safe eating. Yet this is a perfect volume for the admirer of the Mycena species.... Each succinct description provides notes on range, seasonality, defining characters and size. The photographs are excellent.... Throughout, one picks up interesting tidbits, such as the passion that drives British mycologists to conduct their conferences in Latin. Then there are the surprises with every turn of the page, such as the captivating deep blue of the bruised, older Gyroporus cyanescens. It all makes one want to get to the nearest woodland to hasten the learning experience. (Diane M. Calabrese American Reference Books Annual 2010 2011-03-01)

[Review of hardcover edition:] In a field well populated by various types of guides, Phillip's book is little short of incredible.... incomparable for identification... If you have even the slightest interest in identifying North American mushrooms, this is -- quite simply -- the book on the topic, bar none. (Linda L. Richards January Magazine)

[Review of hardcover edition:] The most comprehensive guide ever... the book is great. (David Hobson Kitchener-Waterloo Record 2005-10-22)

[Review of hardcover edition:] [Mushrooms and Other Fungi of North America] is quite simply unparalleled as a comprehensive guide to its subject. (Ken Smith London Free Press 2005-11-26)

[Review of hardcover edition:] Unlike texts that show only the mature plant, [this book] depicts the mushroom through all stages -- a valuable aid to identification. (Michigan Gardener)

[Review of hardcover edition:] Quite simply unparalleled as a comprehensive guide to its subject... a book that is clear, precise, and an unexcelled reference for anyone with an interest in this fascinating and most accessible subject. (Traci Maier Natchez Democrat 2005-11-06)

[Review of hardcover edition:] 1,000 extremely detailed color photographs. It is filled with lots of information to go with them. (Susan Banks Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2005-11-20)

[Review of hardcover edition:] Phillip's pioneering in-studio photography lets you see each species of mushroom up close and personal... there is no better reference. (Maureen Gilmer Scripps Howard News Service 2005-12-25)

[Review of hardcover edition:] Detailed botanical descriptions and over 1000 photographs that are set against a neutral background to capture all their features... in greater detail than any other mushroom book I've seen. (American Herb Association)

[Review of hardcover edition:] The quality of the photographs along with the detailed descriptions make the volume and excellent identification guide. (Elaine Exell American Reference Books Annual)

About the Author

Roger Phillips pioneered the use of color photography for the reliable identification of natural history specimens. He is the author of 30 books that have sold a total of 3.5 million copies worldwide.

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