Pop's Charmed Hummingbird Swing Teal

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Product Description
  • Includes hook and directions for hanging
  • Allows birds to perch while waiting to feed or just to rest and observe
  • Charming design compliments any space
  • Easy installation, hangs in a matter of seconds
  • Other clinging birds use it, too!

Hummingbird Swings are that final touch for any hummingbird garden and your hummingbirds are sure to love them too! Just hang your swing near a feeder or natural food source. Hummingbirds are very territorial and will use your swing as a perch to sit and guard over their food source. The more desirable the area to the Hummingbird, with feeders and/or nectar-rich flowering plants, the more likely they are to become territorial over it. It's that easy to enjoy more time with your Hummers today. The swing is made of a durable wire in a vibrant color finish. The sturdy dowel holds up to the demands of weather while complimenting the charming style of the swing. The packaging will answer all of your questions including step by step instructions for hanging the swing and even includes a hook! Elegant yet simple, this hummingbird swing is a great addition to any hummingbird feeder.

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