Rapitest Sun Analyzer

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Product Description

Rapitest Sun Analyzer, complete instructions for testing sunlight, and light preferences for over 150 plants.
No batteries required.

The Rapitest Sun Analyzer is designed for simplicity of use with accurate results. The Sun Analyzer measures how sunny, or how shady, individual garden locations are. Terms like full sun, shade and partial shade finally make sense when converted to measurable numbers.

Why Should You Test Sunlight?
Have you ever purchased a beautiful plant of flat of flowers at the garden center, brought it home and planted it, only to have it shrivel up in the following weeks because what you thought was a partially shady area is actually partially sunny? The Sun Analyzer helps you know the difference so you can choose appropriate plants for your garden.

How Does the Rapitest Sun Analyzer Work?
Simply point the solar cell of the Sun Analyzer directly at the sun and record the reading. Repeat the process at various times throughout the day and convert the data to the appropriate light category using the enclosed tables.

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