The Tree Doctor: A Guide to Tree Care and Maintenance

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A practical reference for experienced and novice tree owners alike.

If you are fortunate enough to live on property that includes trees, The Tree Doctor is the ideal, fully-illustrated manual for care and maintenance. A sapling requires different care than does a young tree or a mature tree. Trees growing in an urban environment face unique challenges that demand an appropriate approach.

Tree owners will refer to this comprehensive reference many times throughout their tree's life. The topics include:

  • Tree characteristics and the benefits of trees
  • Tree species identification
  • How to "read" a tree's condition by its leaves and bark
  • How trees are sold and how to choose a healthy one
  • Hardiness rating, soil analysis, and what trees need from the soil
  • Planning and design, tree selection and placement
  • Planting, after-care, maintenance, and pruning
  • Management of young and mature trees
  • Disease prevention
  • Treatment for insect infestation
  • How to get the most value out of your trees.

The Tree Doctor provides invaluable guidance to those new to tree ownership with advice on the right species for every space, whether to choose a shade or flowering tree, what to look for in choosing a tree, and how to hire qualified experts if you need to. The resources section helps readers to locate experts across the country.

The authors also explain how climate change and recently emerging pests and diseases -- including the Emerald Ash Borer -- are affecting trees and they provide steps to mitigate these threats to tree life and health. Urban dwellers will appreciate the attention given to planting and caring for trees in a city setting, how to water and maintain city trees, and what trees are more ideally suited for planting in densely populated areas.


Offers a survey of all aspects of planting, caring, feeding and cutting. (Dominique Browning The New York Times 2017-05-29)

This book is a good resource for both the urban gardener and the tree-growing novice... With extra thought and planning, this book helps the tree purchaser make decisions that should enable them to "maintain a healthy tree" and grow something beautiful in the space and location they have available... I would recommend this book on tree care to all local gardeners. (Rachael Fleming Okanagan Saturday 2017-06-10)

The book is well-organized, includes many color illustrations, and is easy to read... A great housewarming gift for someone moving into their first home. (Jamie Moore Washington Gardener 2017-07-01)

Provides illustrated guidance on arboreal selection and placement. Even better, it advises smartly about tree care, from pruning to diagnosing problems. (William Scheick Texas Gardener's Seeds 2017-09-06)

The book is an invaluable resource for anyone from homeowners with trees on their property to landscape professionals. Urbanites will appreciate the particular attention given to planting and caring for trees in a city setting. (Stephanie George American Gardener Magazine 2017-10-01)

[Review of earlier edition:] This work is a neat book, prepared by a professional arborist, in a refreshing and easy-to-understand style... well written and a valuable reference for the home gardener. (James Flynn Jr. American Reference Books Annual, Volume 35)

[Review of earlier edition:] Enlightened advice... essential points are meticulously illustrated through well-defined photographs, detailed diagrams, and straightforward text. (Carol Haggas Booklist 2003-10-01)

[Review of earlier edition:] Packed with tips for preventative care and maintenance, as well as solutions to tree problems. (Rosemary Herbert Boston Herald 2003-12-21)

[Review of earlier edition:] Helping homeowners protect their investments... topics... include choosing a tree and a site, planting properly, caring for the tree, pruning and diagnosing problems. (Marh Beth Breckenridge Chicago Tribune 2003-12-26)

[Review of earlier edition:] Homeowners with trees on their property will do well to read this informative book... The photos and illustrations are specific, informative, making how-to sections easy to follow. (Jim Carlson Country Almanac)

About the Author

Dan Prendergast is an arborist for the City of Mississauga, Canada.

Erin Prendergast is chief of staff at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

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