There's a Goldfinch at My Feeder

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    • 8.5 x 8.5 inches
    • Standard Color interior
    • 28 pages

There’s a goldfinch at my feeder. It’s yellow, black, and white. But suddenly, a nuthatch comes soaring in, and soon the finch takes flight. The goldfinch is the first bird that visits the bird feeder in the backyard. The robin, the blue jay, the hummingbird, and many more bird friends also stop by. Filled with vibrant illustrations and memorable facts, There’s a Goldfinch at My Feeder features some of the most popular backyard birds in North America. Told through rhymes, this heartwarming children’s book is the perfect introduction to the many birds flying all around us. Each page covers the basics of a different bird and will help you identify a variety of birds in no time. Whether you have a bird-friendly space in your backyard or you’re at the park, watching birds is a fun scavenger hunt that can be done anywhere.

About the Author:

Pamela Cooley fell in love with watching birds when she and her family moved to their current home in 2016. After her children were born, she set up a bird feeder and together they watched and learned about birds. To correctly identify birds, she consults the eBird and Merlin Bird ID apps, as well as the Birds Canada and Audubon Society websites.

Pamela lives near Burlington, Ontario with her husband James, their son Nolan, and their daughter Lydia, along with their dog Maverick, and their cats Marshall and Sheldon.

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