Let’s Share

Let’s Share

How is everyone getting through this Covid-19 winter?  Perhaps you’re finding new hobbies or resurrecting old ones.  Maybe this includes birdwatching.  I sure am happy that the birds know nothing about the coronavirus.

Birdwatching is a very relaxing hobby that can be done at your own pace.  There are no rules to follow and many ways for you to enjoy this leisure-time activity.  This can be a solo event or one to share with your partner or those in your bubble.

I’m sure we all want to get outside, weather permitting, and get away from the news of the day.  So, dress appropriately and venture out to your favourite park or conservation area.  If you’re planning on staying out for some time, pack a backpack with your camera and binoculars… and maybe a thermos of coffee or hot chocolate and a snack.  It’s always nice to find a bench to relax on and enjoy a warm beverage.  This is especially fun if your grandchildren are part of your bubble.  Teaching young children about birds is a great introduction to caring for animals and nature.

Photo Credits – George

The easiest way to enjoy birds is by setting up a feeder or two in your yard or garden.  There are many styles for you to choose from including squirrel proof, hopper, fly through, or window feeders.  A suet feeder will be sure to attract woodpeckers.  Make sure you situate your feeder where you can enjoy watching the daily bird activity.  One of my favourites is a ground feeder that I have on a patio table right next to my family room window.  I fill it with a mixture of sunflower hearts and peanuts.  This attracts cardinals, chickadees, nuthatches, blue jays, gold finches, house finches, mourning doves and more… not to mention the occasional squirrel, but that’s okay, they’re hungry too.  I have squirrel-proof feeders too, so there’s always a back-up plan for the birds.

Birdwatching is a wonderful way to de-stress whether you choose to observe them outdoors or from the comfort of your own home.  We would love to hear your favourite ways to find peace-of-mind through nature and birdwatching.  Please share your experiences with us.  You may actually inspire others to take up this hobby.

By Jane Paradis

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