Feeder Fresh Seed Preservative, 9oz.

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Product Description

* Feeder Fresh crystals prevent mold in your bird feeders
* Bird-safe moisture trap and seed preservative
* Chemically similar to sand - only super absorbent

Keep birdseed fresh and prevent disease causing mold in wild birdseed feeders. When placed in your feeder, these bird-safe crystals trap moisture to keep seed dry, clean and free of clumps.

Great for all tube feeders.

Easy to use
Pour these fine, sand-like granules into the bottom of your tube feeder to safely absorb excess moisture. Replace contents when you refill seed. 1.25 pint bottle will last for approximately 50 tube refills!

How Can Feeder Fresh Make Wild Bird Feeders Healthier?
Some of the most toxic compounds are created by molds. Even trace amounts of these mycotoxins can cause harmful or even lethal effects to birds. One example is Aflatoxin, which is a particularly harmful by-product of Aspergillus parasiticus mold, which grows on seed. Even amounts as low as 0.0001 mg can be lethal to small birds. The more times seed is exposed to moisture, the greater potential for Aflatoxin production. Feeder Fresh keeps the seed and feeder dry, keeps molds from forming, and thus reduces the chance of Aflatoxin and other mycotoxins.

How it works
Damp seeds often forms into moldy clumps, an unhealthy condition for birds and a cleaning headache for you. Feeder Fresh has a porous structure containing billions of microscopic holes that readily absorb water and humidity. This non-toxic, inert material does not swell, or clump. Non-toxic amorphous silicon dioxide crystals are extremely absorbant and keep moisture out of tube feeder. Once the Feeder Fresh absorbs its own weight in water, it will discontinue absorbing.

Safe and Effective
Amorphous silicon dioxide (silica) is non-toxic, inert, and chemically similar to sand. Feeder Fresh does not contain any crystalline silica, just amorphous silica. The only difference between Feeder Fresh and the silica sand grit that birds normally consume is its water absorptive properties. When feeding, birds instantly recognize Feeder Fresh granular particles are not seed and simply discard them. However, if ingested, the particles are handled by the bird's system in a similar manner as other grit that they normally would ingest.

Each bottle Contains 9 oz (255g) of Feeder Fresh amorphous silicon dioxide.

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