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Butterfly feeders are a great way to attract butterflies to your beautiful garden. By adding a simple butterfly feeder, your garden will have more life, more color and more butterflies!

This butterfly feeder attracts and feeds numerous types of butterflies. It is easy to fill and clean, holds 6 ounces of nectar, has accommodations for fruit, and can be hung or post mounted. Butterfly feeders are more effective in a shady section of your garden.

This beautiful feeder is entomologist-approved and will provide hours of enjoyment for the whole family. Complete instructions included. Ages 4 & up.

Placement of Feeder
The most important thing to remember when trying to attract butterflies to your yard is to have flowers that the butterflies will naturally be attracted to. Annuals and perennials are both great to have in your garden to attract butterflies. Butterflies are attract to nectar, so the more often you have flowers blooming in your garden the more likely that you will have butterflies come.

Butterflies are cold blooded creatures, so when planning your butterfly garden, be sure that you have many flowers that are in the sun. Also be sure to use your butterfly feeder in the sunny spots in your garden.

Butterfly feeders, along with beautiful blooming flowers with sweet smelling nectar, should help you attract butterflies to your garden. When using a butterfly feeder be sure that it is cleaned regularly to prevent bacterial growth, which can deter the butterflies. Also with your butterfly feeder, replace the nectar every few days.

Butterfly feeders can be hanging, just like hanging bird feeders or you can also place butterfly feeders on a flat surface, like platform bird feeders. With a butterfly feeder that sits on a flat surface a bird feeder pole may work to support your butterfly feeder.

Butterflies are one of the most beautiful creatures to attract to your backyard. For some, it may be a bit harder to attract butterflies, but with some strategic placement of flowers, butterfly houses, and of course butterfly feeders, butterflies will come to your yard.

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