Wooden Winter Roost Birdhouse

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The Urban Nature Store Wooden Winter Roost is a cozy retreat designed to provide our feathered friends with a warm and secure haven during the chilly winter months. Locally crafted from natural, durable pine, this roost combines functionality with rustic charm. The structure features a lowered entrance hole, a sloped roof for rain and snow runoff, and a spacious interior designed to accommodate various bird species.


1. Warm Refuge in Winter: The primary purpose of the wooden winter roost is to offer birds a warm and insulated shelter during the colder months. The natural wood construction provides excellent insulation, helping birds conserve energy and maintain their body heat.
2. Protection from the Elements: The sloped roof and overhanging design shield the interior from rain, snow, and harsh winds. Birds can rest comfortably without the worry of exposure to the elements.
3. Enhanced Survival for Small Birds: Small birds, especially during winter, face challenges in finding suitable shelters. The wooden winter roost acts as a vital tool in their survival kit, offering protection from predators and adverse weather conditions.
4. Educational Opportunity: Placing a wooden winter roost in your yard provides an excellent opportunity for observing and learning about local bird species. Birdwatching becomes an enjoyable and educational experience for both adults and children alike.

Investing in a wooden winter roost is not just about providing shelter; it's a commitment to supporting local wildlife and nurturing a deeper connection with the natural world right in your own backyard.

A winter roosting box is a great way to provide protection from the cold for many of your smaller backyard birds including chickadees, nuthatches, titmice and wrens. As the temperature drops in the winter, these birds will often gather together to share body heat, greatly improving their chances of surviving harsh weather. Handmade in Canada from white pine, this roost is ready to withstand the elements. The entrance hole is at the bottom, and all seams are joined tightly and sealed to prevent heat loss. The roof is stained dark to attract the suns heat. The inside features 3 staggered perches to accommodate roosting birds. The front wall opens upward by removing the screw at the bottom Centre to allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.


Measurements: 17"h, 7 ¼"w, 9"d

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