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Here are some great jokes to tell your friends, and some amazing facts about animals:
"Knock Knock."
"Who's there?"
"Kenya who?"
"Kenya get me a drink? I'm thirsty!"
-A zebra's stripes help keep it safe from predators. The wavy lines help it blend in with tall grass
-The gannet plunge-dives to catch fish. During these dives, the bird can go up to 100 km/hour, about as fast as a car drives on a highway.


"Laugh and learn at the same time!"

About the Author

Nicholle has worked on many scientific and nature titles for Canada and the United States. She has deep interest in natural world and loves to tell jokes.

The Einstein Sisters love to explore the world of nature, science and the cultures and countries of the earth. We travel to remote adventures in rainforests, oceans, mountains, deserts and Arctic regions. We want share some of our favourite facts about the worlds we explore in a fun and colourful way.

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