Eco Friendly Red-breasted Nuthatch Earrings

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Available for Home Delivery

Available for Home Delivery
Sku: JAB-114
Vendor: Jabebo
Product Description

The science and nature designs of Jabebo Earrings are worn by educators, scientists and nature enthusiasts of all sorts to display interests close to their hearts. The earrings are hand made with post-consumer paperboard from cereal box cartons. The original packaging is visible on the reverse of the earring piece. The earrings are handmade in a small artisan studio in downtown Bellefonte, Pennsylvania.

Lightweight and Surgical Steel Hangers
Being made from paper, the earrings are light weight and comfortable to wear. They are hung on surgical steel French hangers with ear nuts to help keep them from getting lost.


Shellac protects from Sun and Water
The earrings are coated with Platina dewaxed shellac providing durability and resistance to water. They will survive the occasional drenching; be it a shower, rain storm, or a sudden jump into a pool. Just be sure it does not last more then a few minutes and they have a chance to dry out. Although, shellac has the historical reputation for discoloring when exposed to water, the improved dewaxed products are more resistant to this. Shellac is also resistant to UV light which eliminates the yellowing effect over time and protects the colors in the earrings images. Shellac is also a natural and renewable product, and it has an interesting natural history resulting from interactions between the lac insect and their tree hosts.

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