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Fine Sunflower Hearts

Item #UNS-FSH-4 .

Product Description

Fine Sunflower hearts are the only true no-mess, no-waste seed to feed your birds. Using fine sunflower hearts means no shells on the ground and 100% of the seed can and will be consumed by the birds. Hearts provide the most nutritious fats, oils and calories per pound of seed and leave no messy hulls on your lawn or patio.

Fine Sunflower hearts are a magnet to attract all types of birds and they are especially popular with cardinals, chickadees and finches.

By using fine sunflower hearts by themselves rather than a seed mix, the birds are also less likely to toss undesirable seed to the ground as some birds do when faced with a variety of seed in the feeder, especially seed mixes that include a lot of corn and other “fillers”.

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