Urban Nature Store – Retail Store Manager

Job Description:

We are currently seeking an experienced and dedicated Retail Store Manager to lead our team at Urban Nature Store. As the Store Manager, you will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of store operations, including customer service, sales, merchandising, Point of Sale (POS) operations, and managing a team of 3 to 6 employees. This position requires a strong focus on customer service and sales, as well as proficiency in managing people, payroll and scheduling. 


  • Provide exceptional customer service by ensuring all customers are greeted, assisted, and educated about our products, particularly in the field of wild birding and nature gifts.
  • Lead and motivate a team of 3 to 6 retail associates, providing guidance, training, and support to achieve sales goals and deliver excellent customer service.
  • Oversee daily store operations, including opening and closing procedures, cash handling, inventory management, visual merchandising, and maintaining a clean and organized store environment.
  • Manage the Point of Sale (POS) system, including processing sales transactions, returns, exchanges, and ensuring accurate inventory records.
  • Drive sales by setting and achieving sales targets, analyzing sales data, implementing sales strategies, and coaching the team to optimize sales performance.
  • Utilize in-depth knowledge of wild birding, bird species, and related products to assist customers in making informed purchasing decisions and provide expert advice on bird feed, feeders, birdhouses, binoculars, field guides, and other nature-themed gift items.
  • Responsible for employee payroll management, scheduling, and ensuring proper staffing levels to meet customer demands and maintain excellent service.
  • Conduct regular performance evaluations, provide feedback, and implement training and development programs to enhance employee skills and product knowledge.
  • Collaborate with senior management to develop and implement effective local marketing strategies, promotions, and special events to drive foot traffic and increase sales.
  • Monitor and maintain proper inventory levels, manage min/max levels, conduct regular physical counts, stock checks, and request inventory to ensure adequate product availability.
  • Uphold company policies and procedures, including safety protocols, to ensure the well-being of customers, employees, and the store.


  • Previous experience in retail management, preferably in a nature-themed or specialty store.
  • Proficient knowledge of wild birding, bird species, and their habitats, as well as familiarity with related products such as feed, feeders, and birdhouses.
  • Physical ability to lift and carry heavy bags weighing up to 50 pounds on a regular basis.
  • Proven track record of delivering exceptional customer service and achieving sales targets.
  • Experience with Point of Sale (POS) systems and cash handling procedures.
  • Strong leadership and team management skills, with the ability to motivate and inspire a team.
  • Proficient in payroll management and scheduling for a small team.
  • Excellent organizational and problem-solving skills, with attention to detail.
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills to engage with customers, employees, and senior management.
  • Flexibility to work weekends, holidays, and occasional evenings as per the store's schedule.

If you have a passion for nature, retail management experience, and possess the necessary skills and qualifications, we encourage you to apply for this rewarding opportunity. Lead our team and contribute to creating an enjoyable and educational shopping experience for birding and nature enthusiasts as the Retail Store Manager.

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