Bug Barrier Tree Band Kit, 30ft

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Product Description

The BugBarrier Tree Band is designed to be attractive when installed.

The BugBarrier Tree Band is uniquely designed to provide an unobtrusive method to trap insects that climb on the trunk of your trees. Unlike other methods our inward-facing agressive adhesive does the trapping out of sight, leaving an attractive band throughout the season.

The Bug Barrier Tree Band is specially designed to stop insects from climbing your valuable trees in order to eat their leaves. You now have a tool to trap them that is clean, effective and easy to install and remove.


BugBarrier Tree Band can be installed in 3-5 minutes and removed in about 30 seconds using the step by step instructions listed below. The only tools Required are scissors or utility knife and, for deeply furrowed bark, a putty knife.

1. Wrap one layer of the 3" wide white fiber material around the tree circumference at breast height (approx 4.5') so it clings to the bark. Do not put tension on the material. Wrap a second layer on top of the first. For deeply furrowed bark, use a narrow putty knife to push fiber into all the furrows. 

2. Finish this step by cutting the fiber. 

3. For trees up to 24" in diameter, measure off enough green film barrier to go around the fiber barrier, and cut it. For trees over 2' to 4' in diameter, add six more inches of overlap. To assure the most secure installation, be sure you have an overlap of three inches per foot of tree diameter after cinching down the film.

4. The film must be applied in the same direction as the fiber. Peel about 12 inches of protective backing from the film to expose the adhesive. Align the top edge of the film adhesive with the top edge of the fiber barrier so that the fiber is covered by the film. Wrap the film snugly to the fiber, cinching the film down on the fiber as you go around the tree. Make sure that the film hangs down about 3" below the bottom of the fiber and stands out 1.5" from the tree trunk so the adhesive does not touch the bark.

5. As you snug down the film, there will appear to be some left over. That¹s important; this overlap creates the secure fit that keeps the fiber in the bark crevices and holds the band to the tree. 

6. Fill any gaps in the bark or trunk irregularities with fiber material by pinching small amounts from the roll and stuffing it into the gaps from the top.

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