Terro Clothes Moth Trap

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Product Description
  • Lures and traps adult clothes moths
  • Use to trap active infestations and monitor new moth activity
  • No unpleasant mothball odor
  • Non-toxic and pesticide free – safe when used as directed
  • Replace traps every 12 weeks or as needed
  • Contains 2 traps

Keep pests out of your clothes and fabrics with the TERRO® Clothes Moth Alert. The larvae of webbing clothes moths are a destructive pest that target natural fibers, including wool, fur, and certain fabric blends. These pests can go undetected for a long time, leaving your favorite clothes and fabrics permanently damaged. The trap uses a powerful pheromone attractant to lure adult clothes moths into the glue trap, which stops them before they can continue breeding.

Traps and Alerts

This convenient trap works both as a trap to target active adult moth infestations, while also helping you to monitor new moth activity when an infestation first begins. Use the TERRO® Clothes Moth Alert in and around fabric storage areas where moths are common, including in closets, underneath dressers, inside drawers, or in cabinets where clothes are stored.

Long Lasting

The TERRO® Clothes Moth Alert Trap comes with two lures, lasting up to 3 months each. Each lure is stored in airtight pouches to prevent the attractant from depleting prior to use, so they remain fresh until opened. The lure uses a powerful pheromone to attract adult clothes moths. When ready to deploy the trap, add the lure to ensure moths will be able to find the trap with ease.


How to Use

TERRO® Clothes Moth Alert is convenient and simple to use. Just follow these quick and easy steps to begin trapping and monitoring your moth infestation.

  1. Remove film backing from the trap to expose the glue surface.
  2. Remove one pheromone lure from the pouch and place on the glue board. The glue will hold the lure in place.
  3. Fold the glue board and insert the tab through the slot, creating a semi-circle. Insert the lured glue board into plastic trap holder.
  4. Press the Timestrip® button. A small red bar will appear to indicate activation.
  5. Lay the trap on a flat surface, mount it with the adhesive strip, or stand the trap housing to begin using.
  6. When the Timestrip® indicator shows 3 months service or when the glue trap is full of moths, replace the Timestrip® indicator, glue board, and lure.

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