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Stainless Steel Bird Spikes, 50 ft.

Item #BBG-2001-550 .
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Prevents birds from landing or roosting on roof lines, parapet walls, I-beams, window ledges, signs, and more. The no-gap design offers the best option to deter large birds and is virtually invisible when installed. Flexible base allows installation on curved surfaces.

  • 5-inch width
  • 4.5-inch height
  • 25 2-ft. sections per box
  • Does not hurt birds or people
  • Keep birds from landing or nesting
  • Attaches easily with screws or glue
  • Ideal for ledges, parapets, roof peaks or anywhere birds land
  • Stainless steel

Comes in 2-foot strips, and is very easy to install. The Spikes have pre-drilled holes along the base, and can be glued down or nailed or screwed into any surface.

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